Morning OutReach weekly drop-off/drop-in

Wednesdays 9am to noon, beginning soon.

Children are free to choose their activities within a safe, child-led democratic environment.  The program is geared to children ages 4-7 years, and any child up to age 15 is welcome.

Please let us know if you are interested.  Location to be announced.

Holiday Info Night

Wed Dec 4th, 7-9pm

Meet Reach founders and families. Find out about Reach, or deepen your connection. We'll supply fresh snacks and treats. All are welcome.

Loction: 49 Fairview Blvd (near Danforth & Broadview), in the home of a Reach family.

Please RSVP.

Organizational Meetings

Help us grow the school.  All help is welcome.  Please first come to an info night, as these organizational meetings are for moving forward, not for finding out about Reach.

Reach: A Home for Self-Directed Learning


We're called Reach because little kids want to reach for everything, try everything, figure everything out.  Schools like ours say that this drive stays with kids, even through their teens, if they grow up in a supportive environment.

Families join us for a variety of reasons.  Some parents see their children learning naturally and eagerly when left to their own devices. Some kids simply insist that they're not going to follow someone else's agenda.  Some parents see their children losing their sense of self in their current school, and want to try something else.  Whatever the reason for joining, families stay at schools like ours because of the results.

While we're independent and locally grown, we're modeled after a school that opened in the 1960s, Sudbury Valley School.  We're non-profit and democratically run.

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