Unstructured time and executive function

On June 14, 2011, we published a blogpost titled “The Marshmallow Test” in which we talked about executive function — that ability to control one’s thoughts, impulses and behaviour with the intent of achieving some specific goal.

In my work in the public schools, it appears that executive functioning is in short supply.  I constantly hear complaints about students who are finding it difficult to control their attention and behaviour, who are disorganized, who cannot keep track of themselves or their belongings, who do not monitor their behaviour and who have very little awareness of the effect they have on others.

I also hear from parents who have structured their children’s time so tightly that the kids are under constant stress of not meeting deadlines, their parents goals for them, or there own goals for themselves.  When I ask the kids what they want from life, they simply don’t know — other than to say less stress, and to be able to meet their parents’ expectations.

Here’s an article that examines some of these ideas more fully …



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Toronto Alternative Education Meetup


NB: This is not an info session on Reach; it is a discussion of alternatives to the current model of schooling



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On “rigour” – from PlayMaker School

Here’s another school that “gets it” — they talk about the difference between drudgery and rigour.

I’m not sure that Reach would be a place with “no rules” — but I don’t think this place is either.  It’s just that the rules are very different from what you’d find in a typical public school.