2 thoughts on “NPR on Brooklyn Free School

  1. You can listen to it here in the NPR archive. The Brooklyn Free School is featured in Act III of this broadcast, starting at 38 minutes and 53 seconds.

  2. Me again.

    What really strikes me on listening to this piece is how it reflects my experience of participatory democracy in a Sudbury school. It really captures the way in which problem-solving and community-building are central to the school experience for all students. This can be difficult but so much learning happens in this way.

    One thing that stood out for me as a difference between the Brooklyn Free School and Sudbury schools (as I have experienced them) is that I think Sudbury places more emphasis on following through and resolving issues. If a problem is brought to a democratic meeting, it is not only discussed but also some kind of solution is implemented. The solution may not work, and it may be replaced by another one soon. However, there does tend to be an emphasis on action as well as sifting through people’s emotions and ideas.

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